How do I purchase and install a smoker bake igniter? What are the common failures?

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How to purchase and install hood igniter? What are the common faults?

How to purchase and install hood igniter? Here are a few tips for you to buy:

1. See the manual to determine whether it is marked as continuous discharge type. If yes, it can meet your needs and you can buy with confidence.

2. Visually inspect the opening of the igniter to see if the flame produces a line. If it is not a bright line, it is the neutral line of the separate live line, indicating that it is pulsed.

3. After replacing the battery, if the battery fails to produce a bright white line, but a bottom line or a dark red line after the battery is broken, it means that its quality is not good.

How to install the roasting igniter of the hood? The following is the specific method of assembling the roasting igniter of the hood:

1. Switching power supply: composed of batteries and generators. When the power switch is working, the battery provides low-voltage power for ignition; after operation, when the voltage of the generator is higher than the voltage of the car battery, the generator set automatically provides low-voltage power for the ignition system.

2. Ignition electromagnetic coil: It can convert the 12V low-voltage power provided by the switching power supply into a high-voltage line that can pass through the gap between the spark plug electrodes.

3. Distributor: It can turn on and off the primary and secondary currents of the ignition electromagnetic coil on time, so that the ignition electromagnetic coil immediately triggers a high-voltage circuit, and transmits the high-voltage circuit to each cylinder of the automobile spark plug according to the ignition sequence; at the same time, it can automatically and Manual adjustment of ignition duration. Among them, the role of the capacitor is to reduce the contact spark of the circuit breaker and increase the working voltage of the secondary coil of the ignition electromagnetic coil.

4. Ignition power switch: Operate the low-voltage circuit of the ignition system to conduct, and operate the generator to put out the fire.

5. Automobile spark plug: It introduces the high-voltage wire into the combustion chamber of the gas stove, causes spark discharge, and then ignites the mixture.

6. Additional resistor wiring equipment: when starting, an additional resistor should be connected to amplify the current of the middle and lower level ignition coils, and improve the ignition kinetic energy of the car spark plug when starting.

In daily use, it is inevitable that there will be common faults in the hood baking igniter. There are two common main types:

One is that the safety knob switch is prone to failure. Basically, this is due to the deformation of the spring on the power switch, or water seepage, stains, rust and air oxidation, and the switch contacts cannot be reliably contacted, which may cause the circuit to fail to work normally. For this reason, after opening the casing, the spring leaf in the deformed power switch can beautify the shape, clean and decontaminate, etc. to fix it.

Another common fault is that when the AN power switch is pressed, although the sound of high-voltage discharge can be heard, there is no arc (spark discharge) on the top of the front of the device.

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