What are the precautions in the use of biomass boiler ignition rods

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The installation of the biomass boiler ignition rod is very simple. It generally consists of three parts: ignition box and special ignition cable! The specific installation location depends on the installation equipment. Then, let's learn about the precautions in the use of the biomass boiler ignition rod !

Precautions for the use of biomass boiler ignition rods

1. When connecting the high-energy igniter and the electric nozzle with a contact cable, ensure that the electrodes at both ends of the cable are in close and reliable contact with the electrodes of the igniter and the electric nozzle. Failure to do so may damage the electrode connector or igniter.

Second, the step-up transformer is specially designed according to the intermittent duty system. After continuously igniting for 30 seconds, stop igniting for 60 seconds before re-igniting, otherwise it may cause damage to the high-energy igniter components.

3. The high-energy igniter is not allowed to be energized when the output end is not connected to the nozzle, so as not to damage the components.

4. The high-energy igniter is 20 joules, the output voltage is 2500 volts, and the grounding device should be prepared during installation.

5. If the power is turned on, the normal status indicator light should be on.

The whole system of biomass boiler ignition rod is composed of high-energy igniter, high-voltage cable and semiconductor nozzle. So, how to maintain the explosion-proof high-energy igniter?

Maintenance of the biomass boiler ignition rod

First, if the nozzle does not work, it should exit the flame area to avoid its ablation, deformation or damage.

Secondly, avoid water or excessive humidity inside the igniter, and clean it up in time when there is too much dust.

Third, the conduction and electric nozzles are insulated with high-alumina porcelain, and it is strictly forbidden to drop them, so as not to damage the insulating components and affect normal use.

In addition, the working surface of the semiconductor shower head cannot be touched by hands when it is working. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced after 105 flashovers.

On the premise of successful ignition, the power-on time should be shortened each time to prolong the service life of the igniter.

Coal combustion technologies used in industrial kilns include layered combustion, pulverized coal combustion, coal gasification technology, coal water slurry combustion technology, and pulverized coal liquid slag removal cyclone combustion technology. In addition to being called a burner, a part of a combustion device can also be called a combustion device. What can be called a burner is only a pulverized coal ignition burner that burns fly ash. The ignition rod of a biomass boiler includes a cylinder shell and end caps at both ends, a spiral tube passing through the shell, an electric heating tube in the shell, and an inner wall formed by a spiral tube. The electric heating tube in the spiral cavity, the lining protection heat pipe, the explosion-proof door, the combustion port, the conductive card 1, etc., have a simple and reasonable structure and fast ignition.

The above is the precautions for the use of biomass boiler ignition rods. If you need more knowledge, please feel free to contact us!