Smoker baking igniter input voltage

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The high-voltage ignition needle cannot be grounded, otherwise it will affect the service life of the high-voltage coil of the gas stove igniter. If the sensor pin is not in good magnetic induction, it will give an alarm and terminate the operation. The high-voltage arc starting distance of the ignition needle should be 3-6mm, and it should not be too wide, otherwise it is very easy to misfire during use, and it is very easy to burn the hood baking igniter.

There are 1.5V, 4.5V, 12V and 220V input voltages for the roasting igniter of the hood, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The reason why the natural gas water heater cannot be ignited is the problem of the power supply, the fault of the magnetic valve, the fault of the igniter, the problem of the magnetic needle, the problem of pressure, the reason of natural gas, and the problem of the exhaust pipe. The handling method shall be judged according to the actual situation.

Natural gas water heater, also known as gas water heater, is a kind of gas appliance that uses natural gas as fuel, according to the ignition heating method, transfers the heat to the cold water passing through the heat exchanger, so as to achieve the purpose of producing boiling water .

Power supply problem Check whether the indicator light of the AC power cord plug is on, solution: replace the battery.

Common faults of the solenoid valve The relay is damaged or aging. Solution: Replace the solenoid valve when the relay is aging.

The common faults of the igniter of the hood baking machine are that the igniter does not ignite. The solution: replace the pulse igniter and the control board.

Common faults of the magnetic induction magnetic needle The ignition needle is deviated or it is difficult to ignite when it is old, or the human body induction lamp is old. The solution: it can be replaced or the ignition needle is properly placed; the magnetic induction can be brightened and placed properly.

The pressure problem may be that the filter screen is clogged. The solution: replace or clean the filter screen regularly.

The reason for natural gas may be that the natural gas source channel is blocked. The solution: open the channel.

Exhaust pipe The problem of the exhaust pipe may be that the exhaust pipe is too long or the inner part is blocked. The solution: if the exhaust pipe is too long, you can choose to replace it with a shorter one. If the middle part is blocked, clean it frequently. Can.

The basic principle of the natural gas water heater is that cold water enters the electric water heater, and under the influence of a certain working pressure error of the flowing water through the water-gas linkage valve body, the water-gas linkage valve is pushed forward, and the toggle switch of the DC regulated power supply is connected to the switching power supply. Put in and run the pulse igniter, and open the high-pressure solenoid valve of the natural gas gathering station at the same time, continue to automatically re-ignite through the pulse igniter until the ignition is successful and enter the normal operating state. This stage lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds .

Gas stove repair nearby door to door. (Gas stove maintenance) What should I do if the gas stove igniter keeps discharging? (Gas stove maintenance) What are the reasons and solutions for the gas stove igniter to keep discharging? 3. The contact of the switch is broken and cannot be disconnected. Adjust the position of the thermocouple so that the fire temperature can affect its normal use;