High efficiency of ignition of smoker baking igniter

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The torsion spring is damaged, the torsion spring loses its elasticity, and the torsion spring is weakened. This will make the power switch of the gas cooker unable to return to the original place after it is turned on, which makes the igniter of the gas cooker ignite all the time. This is also a common situation for gas stoves to happen, and it is also a situation that is easy to overcome. In this case, just change the torsion spring of the ignition. For torsion springs, you can easily buy them at a hardware store.

If the gas stove keeps igniting, it may also be that the high-voltage electronic device is broken. Compared with the previous torsion spring failure, this is a more complicated and unsolvable problem. To put it simply, the reason why the hood igniter keeps igniting due to the damage of the high-voltage electronic device is that it cannot form a complete circuit loop, causing the gas stove to keep igniting. This situation is generally difficult to solve by itself, so it is recommended to seek professional staff.

The supporting facilities of pulse igniter are used in spare parts of various burning appliances, various gas stoves, European classical stoves, natural gas water heaters, natural gas wall-hung boilers, gas ovens, gas barbecue ovens, various industrial gases, gasoline and diesel industrial kilns, tunnel construction Type industrial kilns, cookie machinery and equipment, hotel and restaurant earthen stoves, household appliances, etc. 30 years of focus on the wholesale price of various high-voltage packs and igniters. The company has advanced technology and good performance machining equipment and home appliance production line equipment, has complete testing methods, has rich experience in design and manufacturing, and has relatively high reputation for professional research institutes and our company Expand Cooperation. The following editor mainly recommends the stove igniter.

The basic principle of gas stove pulse igniter:

pulse igniter is more common in contemporary hood baking igniter. Pulse igniter is a single pulse high frequency oscillator composed of electronic components, and is a high frequency working voltage formed by the oscillator After the step-down transformer is upgraded to a high current of 15KV, electrostatic induction is carried out, and the natural gas in the gas stove is ignited by the flame releasing electric energy. This type of pulse igniter has high ignition efficiency and can be continuously charged and discharged. Press the knob, the pulse igniter ignites gradually; loosen the knob, the pulse igniter stops ignition.

Gas stove high-voltage arc igniter assembly:

1. The ignition wire of the high-voltage electric arc igniter of the gas stove should be 200-240 AC (the bottom line is positive, and the other line is negative). Normal operation: But if the positive and negative poles are inconsistent, it is easy to burn the fuse and then directly burn the igniter, so be careful and delicate when wiring.

2. The gas stove high-voltage arc igniter must be properly wired with various wire colors before it can be plugged in and used. When connecting the wires, be sure to connect the thin wires connected with the support frame of the gas stove itself. The high-voltage ignition wire and the induction wire cannot be connected to each other for test electricity, otherwise the induction system will be invalid and damaged. Do not connect the high-voltage wire and the induction wire too long, as this will affect the high-voltage ignition strength and magnetic induction.