What should I do if the smoker bake igniter keeps igniting?

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What are the steps to run the system

1. Run the centrifugal fan to check whether there is any problem in the operation of the centrifugal fan and whether it can meet the required pressure. Open the front disc valve of the automatic bread machine burner by about 1/6, so that there is a breeze in the gas regulator; if there is, the liposuction combustion air disc valve cannot be opened naturally.

2. When manually igniting, introduce an open flame; if using a fully automatic ignition device, first turn on the power supply of the hood igniter, turn on the igniter power switch, and then run the natural gas valve to ignite the natural gas.

3. After the ignition is completed, the electric air valve and the gas valve should be turned on slowly until the natural gas is ignited normally.

4. If the ignition is unsuccessful, the gas valve should be turned off immediately, and the combustion electric air valve should be opened to exhaust the unburned gas in the furnace. Otherwise, do not ignite it again to prevent an explosion.

5. After finding out the reason, repeat the above process several times until the flame is stable before it can be considered that the ignition is successful.

6. When igniting, the flame is ejected from the ignition hole, so you can't put your face close to the ignition hole.

7. After confirming that the ignition is completed, the ignition hole can be turned off, and the heating work will gradually start normally. After using a vertical roaster to ignite and adjust the flame, push the car or start the electric car to bake by the ladle.

Gas stoves can be said to be a relatively common kitchen appliance. Gas stoves are not only more convenient and quicker than electric stoves, but they don't need to be heated. Compared with firewood stoves, the advantages of convenience and quickness are more obvious. It is not only safe, but also does not need to collect and chop wood everywhere. Gas stoves are popularized in society due to their convenience and safety, but they are not a perfect item after all, so gas stoves will encounter some difficulties in use. For example, some people recently asked on the Internet - what should I do if the igniter of the hood keeps on igniting?

So today I will take you to take a look together, what should I do if the igniter of the hood keeps on igniting, and what can you do to deal with it by yourself?

In fact, it is not accidental that the roasting igniter of the hood is always on fire, and it often happens on many older gas stoves. Although this situation is not big or small, it is still quite dizzying. First of all, when we are dealing with this problem, we can’t just go and fix it without knowing anything. As the saying goes, knowing the enemy and knowing yourself is invincible. When repairing a gas stove, you must be clear about why the gas stove has this situation.

The main reason for the igniter of the gas stove is probably that the torsion spring of the gas stove is broken. Thank you for reading, I hope my sharing is helpful to you.