Features of the smoker bake igniter

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Smoke machine baking igniters are things that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, so don't we know the function of igniters? Today I collected information on the function of smoke machine baking igniters on the Internet, so let's find out below Let's introduce the knowledge of hood baking igniter.

The smoke machine baking igniter is a device that instantly provides enough energy to ignite coal powder and oil (gas) fuel to stabilize the flame. There are two kinds of hood baking igniters: commercial stoves and civilian stoves. It is mainly used for commercial use as an ignition device for catering and kitchen stoves. Due to the complex use environment of the food kitchen, the selection requirements for the smoker baking igniter are stricter than those for civilian use. Civilian use is mainly used for the ignition system of household stoves. The use environment is simpler than that of catering stoves, and pulse ignition is preferred.

This machine dries the ignition head, which is related to the gas flow and the gas flow, it is the open end plate of the body laid with a baking mesh made of nickel-chrome wire, it is the baking wire from the top, in turn, there are three layers, this It is online with grilling mesh cloth and drying net. Its characteristic is that the second floor and the third floor are baking pans, and the baking pans and small holes are evenly distributed. Into the fire tray, the chromium-nickel alloy wire withstands high-temperature combustion and staggers the holes of the secondary grid plate and the tertiary grid plate to disperse the flame evenly, and the grid cloth directly burns the flame. The grid cloth is soft and not easy to deform. In addition, the nickel-chromium alloy wires are arranged in a crossed network, with uniform distribution, uniform heat distribution, and uniform baking power. Therefore, let's learn about the characteristics of the smoker baking igniter below.

Now, the baking igniter of the hood uses a disc shape, the gas flow path and the opening of the ceramic burning plate at the end of the disc, but the ceramic burning plate is easy to break due to long-term high-temperature ignition and burning, and then turns red. When the burner is in use, it is baked upside down, and the ceramic burning plate is broken. Not only ceramic powder and ceramic blocks fall into the food, it is very troublesome to replace the burner, but also the ceramic blocks are mixed into the food, which cannot guarantee food safety.

The technical problem solved by the smoker baking igniter is to provide a sintering machine matching fire burner in view of the existing technical problems. The baking mesh made of nickel-chromium wire is used instead of the ceramic burning plate, which can withstand higher Combustion temperature, combustion more fully and evenly.

In order to solve the above problems, the patented technology of the present invention has a plate body and a gas flow channel connected to the air flow channel. A baking net composed of nickel-chromium wire is laid on the opening end of the plate body. The baking net is arranged in three layers from top to bottom. , the baking mesh includes a baking mesh cloth and a baking mesh plate.

The nickel-chromium alloy wires are cross-arranged in a mesh shape. The through holes of the second-layer grid plate and the through-holes of the third-layer grid plate are arranged alternately. The gas path includes the suction inlet, the main pipe and multiple ventilation pipes. The boards are connected.

Baking igniter for hood: a baking network fire burner made of nickel-chromium alloy wire, no need to worry about burning residues falling into the fire, and the nickel-chromium alloy wire can withstand high-temperature combustion; stagger the through holes on the secondary and tertiary grid plates , to disperse the flame evenly and direct the flame to the grid cloth. The grid cloth is soft and not easy to deform. In addition, the nickel-chromium alloy wires are crossed and arranged in a mesh shape, which is evenly distributed, heat is evenly distributed, and the baking power is uniform.