How to install the smoker bake igniter

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How to choose

And buy a roasting igniter for a hood To buy a roasting igniter for a hood, it is generally more appropriate to buy a continuous single-pulse igniter. When purchasing, we must pay attention to the quality of identification. So how to distinguish the quality of the igniter from good to bad? Let me teach you a few big tricks:

1. Look at the instructions for use to determine whether it is marked as a continuous discharge type. If so, it has been proved that it can meet your own needs, and you can rest assured to buy.

2. Use human eyes to observe the igniter snatch to see if the flame produces a line. If it is not a bright line but a separate fire line and zero line, it means that it is a pulse type.

3. After replacing the battery, if there is still no bright white line, but a bottom line or dark red line, it means that the quality is not good.

How to install the igniter for hood baking

The selected igniter is installed in the gas stove, which is very convenient to use. How to install the roasting igniter of the hood? The following are the specific methods of assembling the igniter:

1. Switching power supply: it consists of a battery and a generator. When the switching power supply is in operation, the ignition is supplied with low-voltage power by the battery; after operation, when the voltage of the generator is higher than the voltage of the car battery, the ignition system will automatically supply low-voltage power from the generator set.

2. Ignition electromagnetic coil: It can convert the 12V low-voltage electricity provided by the switching power supply into a high-voltage line that can penetrate the gap between the spark plug electrodes.

3. Distributor: It can connect and disconnect the primary and secondary current of the ignition electromagnetic coil on time, so that the ignition electromagnetic coil immediately forms a high-voltage line, and transmits the high-voltage line to the spark plugs of each cylinder according to the ignition sequence; at the same time, it can automatically and The adjustment of the ignition duration is completed artificially. Among them, the function of the capacitor is to reduce the spark of the breaker contact and increase the voltage of the secondary coil of the ignition coil.

4. Ignition power switch: control the conduction of the low-voltage circuit of the ignition system, control the operation and stop of the generator.

5. Automobile spark plug: It introduces the high-voltage line into the combustion chamber of the gas stove, causing spark discharge and igniting the mixed gas.

6. Additional resistor wiring equipment: When starting, the additional resistor should be wired to expand the primary and intermediate current of the ignition coil, and improve the flashover kinetic energy of the spark plug of the car when starting.

common problem

In daily use, the igniter will inevitably have common faults. There are two main types that are more common:

One is that the AN knob switch is prone to failure. This is basically due to the deformation of the spring on the power switch, or the rust and air oxidation caused by water seepage and stains. The switch contacts cannot be touched reliably, which may cause the circuit to fail to work normally. For this matter, you can open the After the casing, plastic surgery and cleaning and decontamination of the spring in the deformed switch should be done.

Another common and frequent fault is that when the AN switch is pressed, although the sound of high-voltage discharge can be heard, there is no electric arc (spark discharge) on the front of the device.