Technical realization of the smoker baking igniter

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The hood igniter is electrically connected to the power supply via the ignition switch, igniter, fuel tank, carburetor, spark plug, injector, and combustion chamber, and the hood igniter and spark plug are electrically connected to the air pump and connected to the tank with gas pipes. And the carburetor, there are one-way valves in the branch road connecting the main gas pipeline and the tank respectively; Connections, spark plugs and fuel injectors are set on the connecting pipe between the carburetor and the combustion chamber. The present invention uses an air pump to pressurize the tank to supply air for ignition. The positive pressure of the fuel is stable, the mixed fuel and the spark plug are accurately matched, the ignition success rate is high, and the ignition operation is convenient and fast; at the same time, the uninterrupted and stable operation of the smoke machine is realized. Then, let's learn about the technology of the smoke machine baking igniter How to realize it!

Smoke machine baking igniter is widely used in the control of agricultural diseases and insect pests. The medicine is fully atomized at night, the particle size of the medicine mist is small, and the medicine mist fills the work area for a long time, and the insecticidal and sterilizing effect is good. At present, the portable pulse fog machine is widely used in the market, which is usually composed of a pulse jet engine and a drug supply system. The pulse jet engine is composed of a combustion chamber, a nozzle, a starting system, an oil supply system, and an ignition system; Box, drug switch, drug delivery port, pipeline. This type of fogger uses the high-temperature, pulse-type high-speed airflow from the pulse jet engine to instantly aerosolize the smoke of the pesticide aerosol agent, spray it out from the nozzle, and condense into small-diameter mist particles when it encounters relatively cold air outside. drop.

However, due to the lagging igniter of the traditional hood, the oil mist sprayed from the nozzle, the mixture of oil mist and air, and the ignition of the igniter are inaccurate, the amount of oil mist entering is difficult to control, and the success rate of ignition is low. The operator needs to have certain experience and luck to successfully ignite. In addition, in the past, the fog machine generally used negative pressure to suck the fuel into the combustion chamber, so the negative pressure was difficult to control. In the air blower, when igniting, the operator needs to make the igniter and the fuel passage work separately, and the igniter circuit switch and the fuel passage valve switch are not in the same position, so the ignition operation is complicated.

1. Technical problems to be solved in the invention of the igniter for hood roasting

The smoke machine baking igniter overcomes the disadvantages of low ignition success rate of the existing blower, complicated ignition operation, and the fuel is easy to catch fire due to negative pressure after ignition. According to the technical means of the present invention, it can supply When the ignition is air, the positive pressure of the fuel is stable and the air is fully mixed with the spark plug to ignite, the mixed fuel and the spark plug are accurately matched, and the ignition success rate is high. The ignition system of the spray fan; the ignition switch and the fuel supply valve are integrated, and the ignition operation is convenient and fast; After the ignition is successful, the vibrating diaphragm generates a stable pressure in the carburetor. On the one hand, it provides the air for fuel combustion, and on the other hand, it provides a stable positive pressure to the fuel tank, so that the fuel can be ejected stably and realize the uninterrupted operation of the smoke machine. work steadily.

2. Technical solution

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose of the igniter for roasting hoods, the technical solution provided by the present invention is as follows.

The igniter for hood baking includes a power supply, an ignition switch, an igniter, a fuel tank, a carburetor, a spark plug, an oil injector and a combustion chamber, and also includes an air pump, and the igniter and the air pump are respectively connected via the ignition switch. The fuel tank and the carburetor are connected through a gas pipeline, and check valves are respectively set on the main road connecting the gas pipeline and the branch road of the fuel tank. The fuel tank is connected to the fuel injection nozzle through the fuel supply pipeline, and An oil supply valve is provided, and the carburetor is in the combustion chamber.

The above is the technical implementation of the hood baking igniter. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!