Discussion on the composition of silicon nitride igniter

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The relationship between the power supply voltage used by the silicon nitride igniter and the matching high voltage film is as follows.

AC CDI igniter and back pressure AC igniter use capacity to save electricity "silicon instantaneous discharge principle, high voltage package output ultra-high voltage. AC pulsed high-voltage electricity using a magneto output (called a AC-CDI igniter) is used at the same time as the CDI high-voltage package suitable for pulsed high-voltage electricity.

2. The DC CDI igniter uses a 12V battery as the power source in the car. The igniter has a boost module circuit inside, and then uses the "storage capacitor" silicon discharge circuit mode to output the high voltage package as an ultra-high voltage. Because we use a low-voltage DC system power supply, it can be called a DC-CDI igniter, and the output contains some common CDI high-voltage packages.

3. The DC inductor igniter uses the 12V battery in the car as the power source. According to the internal calculation system circuit, the igniter outputs the high current/low voltage signal as a special software suit and an inductor high voltage package, a large part of which can be called "digital electronic igniter". The output of this electronic igniter and the time of the inductor high-voltage package or power supply are "charging", and when the inductor high-voltage package is powered off, it is "ignition". The ignition working principle and difference of applying traditional capacitors to the CDI igniter for high-voltage system discharge.

4. The integrated control igniter refers to the igniter combined with the high-pressure gun, and the appearance is similar to the high-pressure gun. Only AC igniters on the market are powered by Magneto. AX100 integrated control igniter for Li Chong engine, Mulan culture integrated electronic igniter, self-triggering AC-CDI igniter, with some angle changing functions in China. The insecticidal engine has an XH90 integrated igniter, and the sensor needs to provide a trigger signal for the positive AC-CDI circuit.

5. But check the identification of the high-voltage package: the primary research resistance temperature of the ordinary CDI high-voltage package is about 0.3 euros, which is suitable for electrical pulses of 150~250V. The inductance high-voltage package of modern motorcycles has a primary resistance of about 3~4 euros. It is divided into anodes, suitable for working at a voltage of 9~12V, and usually emits a slightly stronger spark than ordinary CDI igniters. Ignition circuits using Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive Inductive are more complex.

The composition of the silicon nitride igniter is mainly composed of a power supply, ignition control coil, distributor, ignition system switch, spark plug, additional and resistance and short connection technical devices, high and low voltage equipment wires, etc.

1. The power supply of silicon nitride igniter is composed of battery and generator. When starting, the ignition system provides low-voltage power from the battery. When the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage after starting, the ignition system is provided with low voltage power by the generator.

2. The ignition coil converts the 12V low-voltage system power provided by the car for power management into high-voltage electricity that can break down the gap between the working electrodes of the spark plug.

3. Driven by the distributor camshaft, the current of the ignition coil is cut off in time, so that the ignition coil generates high voltage in time, and the high voltage is transmitted to the sparks of each cylinder according to the ignition sequence. At the same time, the ignition time can be adjusted automatically and artificially. The function of the capacitor is to reduce the flame of the circuit breaker contact and increase the auxiliary voltage of the ignition coil. 4. Ignition system switch: control the on end of the low-voltage working circuit of the ignition system, control and shut down the start and start of the generator.

5. Spark plug: High-voltage electricity is introduced into the combustion chamber to produce spark ignition mixture.

6. Add a resistance short-circuit device. When the system starts, add a resistance short-circuit. By increasing the primary working current of the ignition coil, the jump energy of the spark during starting can be increased.