What are the advantages of choosing silicon nitride sheet as packaging material?

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The silicon nitride plate mainly uses the high thermal conductivity of the material to conduct heat and realize heat exchange with the external environment. For power semiconductor devices, the packaging substrate should meet the following requirements:

1. High thermal conductivity. At present, power semiconductor devices are packaged in thermoelectric separation, and most of the heat generated by the device is transferred through the packaging substrate. A substrate with good thermal conductivity can protect the chip from thermal damage.

2. The thermal expansion coefficients of packaging materials and chip materials match. The power device chip itself can withstand high temperature, and changes in current, environment, and working conditions will change its temperature. Since the chip is directly mounted on the packaging substrate, the matching of the thermal expansion coefficient will reduce the thermal stress of the chip and improve the reliability of the device.

3. Good heat resistance, meeting the high temperature requirements of power devices, and good thermal stability.

4. Good insulation, meeting the requirements of electrical interconnection and equipment insulation.

5. High mechanical strength, meeting the strength requirements in device processing, packaging and application.

6. Relatively suitable price, suitable for large-scale production and application.

At present, commonly used electronic silicon nitride boards can be divided into polymer substrates, metal substrates (MCPCB) and ceramic substrates. For power device packaging, silicon nitride boards also require high thermal conductivity, heat resistance, insulation, strength and thermal matching performance. Therefore, the use of polymer substrates (such as PCB) and metal substrates (such as MCPCB) is greatly limited.

Silicon nitride plate has high thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, high insulation, high strength and thermal matching with chip materials, so it is very suitable as a packaging substrate for power devices. At present, they have been widely used in semiconductor lighting, laser and optical communication, aerospace, automotive electronics, deep-sea drilling and other fields.

The emergence of silicon nitride sheet products has opened up the development of the heat dissipation application industry. With the improvement of production technology and equipment, due to the heat dissipation characteristics of silicon nitride plate and its advantages of high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long life and withstand voltage, the product price is becoming more and more reasonable, thus expanding the application field of LED industry, such as Home appliance indicator lights, car lights, street lights, large outdoor billboards, etc. The successful development of ceramic substrates will provide services for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products, making the future market of the LED industry broader.

For better thermal conductivity, the led chip is made of silicon nitride sheet. In addition, silicon nitride sheets are used as packaging materials for the following electronic devices: high-power semiconductor modules; semiconductor refrigerators and electronic heaters; power control circuits, power hybrid circuits; intelligent power components; high-frequency switching power supplies, solid-state relays; automotive electronics , Aerospace, military electronic components. Solar panel components; telecommunications private branch exchanges, receiving systems; lasers and other industrial electronics.