An introduction to the advantages of silicon nitride igniters

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A safety silicon nitride igniter  including insulation porcelain , the center of the insulation porcelain is provided with a placement groove, and the inside of the placement groove is embedded with silicon nitride porcelain heat-changing accessories. There is a porous porcelain plate near the insulation porcelain inside the silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting.

The inside of the silicon nitride igniter silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting has inner conductors on both sides of the back and outer surface. The inside of the silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting has a heating wire near the inner wire, an outer wire on the back of the inner wire, a connecting wire at one end of the inner wire, and fixed connecting pins on the outer surface of the back of the connecting wire. There is an electric pin near the position of the connecting pin in the inside of the connecting pin, a pressure plate is fixed on the top outer surface of the electric pin, and a copper mesh is arranged in the placing groove.

Compared with the prior art, the silicon nitride igniter is installed in the porous porcelain plate of the silicon nitride igniter, which can well insulate heat and prevent the temperature from being transmitted to the insulating porcelain, thereby concentrating the temperature on the insulating porcelain In addition, it affects the normal operation of the wires inside, and the safety is further improved by setting the copper mesh, and the copper mesh can also be made when the silicon nitride porcelain heating parts break. Avoid the splashing of broken fragments of silicon nitride porcelain heating parts, affecting the normal use of other equipment. Through the installed electric pins and pressure plates, the outer wires are entangled with each other during installation, affecting later use, and it is easier to replace damaged outer wires. Practical, the overall silicon nitride igniter has a simple structure, and the effect is better than the traditional way.

The invention is a safe silicon nitride igniterFirst of all, it should be explained that in the silicon nitride porcelain heat-changing fitting 3, a porous porcelain plate 4 is set near the insulation porcelain 1, and the thermal conductivity of the porcelain is used. The heat conduction contact area in the porous structure is small, and the heat can be well isolated. The temperature is not transported into the insulation porcelain 1, so that the temperature is concentrated on the insulation porcelain 1, thereby exerting influence. If it is necessary to replace the outer wire 7, then manually rotate the outer profiled plate 12 so that the profiled plate 12 can rotate the power pin 11 at the bottom. In this way, the power pin 11 can be removed from the guide groove 10 inside the connection 8, and the outer wire 7 Can be detached from the igniter. Then, insert the connection 8 into the new outer wire 7 inside the reserved slot. When the connection line 8 is moved to the designated position, manually rotate the pressure plate 12, insert the power supply pin 11 at the bottom of the pressure plate 12 into the guide groove 10, and fix the cable 8 so that the external wires 7 are entangled with each other during installation, without affecting later use. Damaged outer wires 7 can be easily replaced. It would be better to set copper wire 13 in the silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting 3, if the silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting 3 breaks, the copper wire mesh fitting 13 can prevent the broken fragments of the silicon nitride porcelain heating fitting 3 from splashing, It serves as a temporary connection that affects the normal use of other devices.