Ceramic heat pipe: Introduction of ceramic heat pipe

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Ceramic heating tube is a kind of high-temperature long-life heater. Modern industry has increasingly high demand for operating temperature. Ceramic heaters can adapt, especially for heating various pipes such as chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, and food ; The heating tube is composed of a spiral resistance wire passing through a specially designed high-temperature resistant ceramic tube and extending to form an effective high temperature, high power density, strip heater, and the design is flexible and easy to install. Product features: Ceramic heating tubes have long working life, durability, and energy saving. They have the advantages of installation and defecation, high temperature, fast heat transfer, good heat preservation, and unlimited production models and sizes. According to the wiring method required by the user, the voltage can be reduced from 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V, the power load is 6.5W per square meter, and the energy consumption is reduced by 30% compared with the traditional electric heater. Product use: Ceramic heating tubes are widely used in plastic machinery, packaging and printing, petrochemical, electronic equipment and other industries.

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