Silicon nitride heaters: a brief introduction to the original silicon nitride heaters

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Through formula improvement, process optimization, and sintering process improvement, a new type of silicon nitride heating element was developed .

1. The silicon nitride heating element is small in size, light in weight and high in power density. Power >100W/cm2, much higher than 2-8 W/cm2 of ordinary metal heating body and 20-80W/cm2 of ordinary silicon nitride ceramic heating body.

2. Through the development of molding and improvement of sintering technology, it is possible to prepare a silicon nitride ceramic heating element with a relatively complex shape to achieve any temperature data distribution, such as a cylindrical shape. Compared with the traditional sheet ceramic heating element, it has its own higher thermal efficiency and thermal shock resistance, and the product design life is greatly improved;

3. Excellent thermal performance. The heating efficiency exceeds 98%, and can reach 800-1000 °C in a few seconds, and can directly heat water, gas, kerosene, metal and other media, with low heating noise and no pollution;

4. The silicon nitride heating element has high reliability.

A, High insulation material performance, leakage protection current <0.1mA during operation, far less than 2mA of the new national standard, leakage fault current <7mA after breaking, no breakdown test phenomenon under 2500V for one minute at room temperature;

B, Superior mechanical properties, high compressive and flexural strength, high hardness.

C , the resistance wire is not oxidized, broken wire, not easy to age.

D, It has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments, such as molten metal, chemical corrosion liquid, etc.

E, After specific testing, the service life of the heater is > > 10,000 hours

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