Silicon nitride ceramic heaters: A brief introduction to silicon nitride ceramic heaters

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Introduction to silicon nitride ceramic heating element

The ceramic heating element is a high-temperature co-fired ceramic heating element. It can be used as a material such as tungsten, molybdenum, molybdenum \manganese and other high melting point metals. The paste needs to be printed according to the requirements of the circuit system design of the heating module. On the 92-96% alumina cast ceramic green body, 4-8% sintering aids are then laminated in multiple layers, and co-fired at a high temperature of 1500-1600 ° C to develop a very corrosion-resistant, resistant High temperature, long life, energy saving, uniform temperature distribution, good thermal conductivity model performance, fast thermal compensation analysis, etc. Substances, in line with China's EU RoHS and other environmental protection requirements.

Features of silicon nitride ceramic heating element

High-temperature co-fired ceramic heater (MCH) is a new generation of medium-low temperature heater. It is made by printing resistance paste directly on AL2O3 alumina ceramic green body, co-fired at about 1600 ° C, and then processed with electrodes and leads. MCH is another new product after alloy heating wire and PTC heating element, widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communication, medical treatment, environmental protection and other fields. In terms of household electric heating appliances: such as small heaters, hair dryers, clothes dryers, heaters, heating and cooling mobile phones, dryers, electric plywood, electric irons, electric irons, hair straighteners, curlers, electronic thermos bottles, incubators, Rice cooker, toilet ceramic heater, water heater, etc.; in industry, such as industrial drying equipment, electric thermal bonding machine, water oil and acid-base liquid heater, etc. In the electronics industry, such as thermostats for small special crystal devices; in medical treatment, such as infrared physiotherapy instruments, intravenous heaters, etc.

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