Vegetable Oil Furnace Igniter: Introduction to Vegetable Oil Furnace Igniter GL02

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Vegetable oil stove igniterBrief description:

This product uses high-performance silicon nitride ceramic as the matrix, high temperature mechanical strength, strong thermal shock resistance,

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, not only has excellent insulation properties, but also has good thermal conductivity, coupled with the company's special

Some formulations and hot pressing manufacturing technology.

Vegetable oil furnace igniter parameters:

room temperature flexural strength

≥ 900Mpa

room temperature fracture toughness

6.0-8.0 Mpa.m1/2

Bulk density


Room temperature volume resistivity


relative permittivity at room temperature


Thermal conductivity


coefficient of thermal surge

3.1 × 10-6/









Vegetable oil stove igniterPerformance and features:

Moisture resistance and good sealing performance

Small size, light weight

Excellent thermal performance, fast heating speed,The surface temperature rises to 1100 ℃ in 15 seconds

Excellent electrical insulation properties

Using high-performance silicon nitride material as the base material, excellent oxidation resistance, long service life, on-off

Electricity can reach100000 times with the traditional metal tube heating body comparative advantage:

Strong corrosion resistance

Uniform heating, high heat conversion rate

Power stability

Strong bending resistance

Good sealing

Small leakage index

High anti-permeability

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