Silicon Nitride Heaters:Features of Silicon Nitride Heaters Original Parts

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Through the improvement of formula, process and sintering process, a new type of silicon nitride heating element is prepared , which has the following characteristics :

1. The silicon nitride heating element is small in size, light in weight, and high in power density . Power electron density > 100W/cm2, much higher than 2-8 W/cm2 of other ordinary Chinese metal heating elements and 20-80 W/cm2 of general silicon nitride nano-ceramic heating elements.

2. Through molding and hot pressing sintering process, a square ceramic heater can be prepared.

3. Thermal characteristics. More than 98% heating efficiency, can reach a high temperature of 800-1000 degrees Celsius in a few seconds, can directly heat water, gas, kerosene, metal and other media, heating without noise and pollution:

4. High density .

A. High edge performance, working leakage current < 0.1ma, far less than the new national standard of 2ma, leakage current after breaking < 7ma, no fault phenomenon at room temperature 2500v for one minute ;

B. Good mechanical properties, high compressive and flexural strength, high hardness;

C. The resistance wire will not be oxidized, and the damage and aging are less;

D. The corrosion-resistant material performance of the silicon nitride heating element can be used in a harsh social environment, such as molten metal, chemical structure corrosion liquid, etc .;

E. After specific tests, the life of the heating body is > 10,000h

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