Production Advantages

1. 20 years of independent research and development with relatively stable product structure and process

2. The process can be divided into simple processes, and certain processes can be appropriately merged and decomposed according to the requirements of the process synchronization. The formulas for each process are similar.

3. The product output is large enough, and the unit labor volume is large enough

The main purpose of the assembly line production method is to ensure that the production process of the field frequency meets the requirements of continuity, balance, proportionality, and balance. High productivity, able to timely provide products with high market demand. Due to the use of specialized equipment and process equipment on professional production and assembly lines, as well as mechanized transportation devices, it can improve labor productivity, shorten production cycles, reduce the occupation of work in progress and transportation workload, accelerate capital turnover, and reduce production line costs. It can also enhance production management work and promote enterprises to strengthen production technology preparation and production service work.

Research and development advantages