Silicon Nitride Igniter: Silicon Nitride Igniter Principle

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In fact,silicon nitride igniterThe principle is very similar to the flint principle of lighters. Connected to the plug is the knob of the gas stove. When we press the knob, the plug will collide with the convex part of the ignition hammer. When we turn the knob to the left, the silicon nitride igniter plunger will move to the left together and hit the convex part of the ignition hammer. As the rotation angle becomes larger, the ignition hammer is separated from the insert, and the piezoelectric element is quickly hit under the action of the spring.

Many friends don't know much about what they are piezoelectric elements. Piezoelectric elements are special ceramic dielectrics. No matter whether they are pressed at both ends at the same time or stretched, they will affect the development. Some of the same charges are generated between the two ends, various charges are generated in the middle, and the amount of charge can be very high in an instant. Like an ignition hammer, it can produceThe high voltage of 5000V to 10000V is transmitted to the ignition needle through the wire, and the silicon nitride igniter discharges in the ionized air to ignite the gas.

silicon nitride igniterThe ignition temperature of the nitride hot surface is one of the advanced new ignition devices, which is heated and ignited by a heating element. Some products use silicon nitrideAdd foam composite silicon nitride or use sintered heating elements buried in the hot wire, using ceramic blocks to install high purity alumina ceramics in a very high density and mechanical strength manner. Products supported by the power supply have a greater impact on the current ignition temperature in a few seconds. The impact of electromagnetic fields such as work and no humidity on the environment, but there is no electromagnetic interference to the external environment. It is fireproof, safe and reliable, and has a long service life. It can ignite various flammable gases, liquids, solids and other materials. Household gas stoves are widely used in microwave ovens, ovens, water heaters, dryers, incubators, heaters, gas air conditioners and other equipment.

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