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Guangzhou Shi Chao

Office Environment

Guangzhou Shichao Company provides employees with a modern working environment, and a comfortable and clean workplace promotes good communication and cooperation among colleagues. In order to improve work efficiency, Guangzhou Shichao is equipped with advanced office facilities for employees and pays attention to creating a harmonious and warm working atmosphere. "Happy work, wonderful life" is Guangzhou Shi Chao's attitude towards work and life. After work, the company often carries out a variety of cultural, technical and recreational activities to ensure a relaxed work rhythm and is committed to building a cohesive work team.

Guangzhou Shi Chao

Salary and welfare

The distribution principle of Guangzhou Shichao focuses on: fixed salary by post, remuneration by efficiency, taking into account internal fairness and external competitiveness. The welfare of Guangzhou Shi Chao takes into account the various needs of employees and solves the worries of employees as much as possible. The company purchases state-mandated insurance for all employees. At the same time, according to the actual situation, the company tries its best to provide revolving housing for newly hired employees. Employees are entitled to state-mandated leave. The company implements a full-staff labor contract system and encourages employees to serve the enterprise for a long time.

Guangzhou Shi Chao

Training Development

Guangzhou Shi Chao knows that the value-added of enterprises fundamentally depends on the value-added of human capital. Guangzhou Shi Chao attaches great importance to the development of human resources, has established a relatively complete training management system, and provides employees with subdivided entry, on-the-job and advanced training. Induction training, including the training of fresh graduates and the induction training of new employees, enables employees to understand the company as soon as possible and integrate into the company; On-the-job training improves the working ability of employees and the matching degree of personnel and posts; Advanced training, through training to obtain the abilities and knowledge that higher-level positions should have. Guangzhou Shichao has established its own talent guidance center, committed to creating a learning organization, advocating lifelong learning for employees, a good learning atmosphere, and strong policy support to ensure that employees have opportunities for further study and promotion after work.

Guangzhou Shi Chao


"Beyond self, service enterprises, service society, and common development with the country" are the core values of Guangzhou Shichao. Guangzhou Shichao builds for the career development of employees: a fair competition development stage; an open and fair talent recruitment mechanism; it provides direction and guidance for employees' career.