Silicon nitride ignition rods: introduction of silicon nitride ignition rods

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Someone asked:Silicon Nitride Ignition RodWhat are the product parameters and advantages of? To introduce the silicon nitride ignition rod,First to introduceProduct parameters of silicon nitride ignition rod

1.Thermal conductivity:65 w/MK

2.Rated power deviation: + 5% ,-10%

3.Working life:500010000Hours

4.Rated working voltage:110V,220V

5.Rated power:400W,600W,900W

6.Electric strength: room temperature2500V,50Hz, Normal operating conditions and after moisture test1500V,50HzNo breakthrough and arc phenomenon within one minute

7.Overload capacity: when the input power is rated power1.27In the case of times, carry out100Non-damage overload test

8.Maximum surface temperature: 1200°c

9.High surface load, dry point heat load up25w/cm2

2.Silicon Nitride Ignition RodFeatures of the performance development

1.Small size, light weight

2.Excellent thermal performance, fast heating and good low temperature start-up performance

3.Excellent electrical insulation properties

4.With high-performance silicon nitride as the matrix material, it has excellent oxidation resistance and long service life.

5.High temperature strength

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