Ceramic heating tube: a simple introduction of ceramic heating tube

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ceramic heating tubeIt is made of ceramic substrate and heating wire, which has the advantages of high electrothermal conversion efficiency, fast heating speed, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermochemical stability, long service life, high insulation strength, and no pollution.

ceramic heating tubeFeatures

1. With good thermal efficiency, heat uniformity:

2. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;

3. Good safety performance

4. Long service life.

5. The product can be applied to the heating of various electric boilers in enterprises.

ceramic heating tubeComposition

1. Matrix: mainly composed of ceramic composite materials with good thermal shock resistance;

2. Calorific value: using nickel-chromium alloy wire;

ceramic heating tubeParameters

1. Radiation characteristics: the monochromatic emissivity of the element is 0.9, and the normal total emissivity is greater than 0.83.

2. Thermal response working time: from room temperature to a radiant plate surface temperature to maintain a constant value of no more than 20 minutes.

3. Cold and hot cross resistance: after five cold and hot alternating tests, there is no peeling or cracking.

4. Irradiation surface temperature is not uniform: 15% ≤

5. Power error: rated working voltage ≤ 5%

6. Cold insulation resistance: 500V megohmmeter>> 2mω

7. Thermal insulation material resistance: 500V megohmmeter> 0.5mΩ

ceramic heating tubeScope of application

Electric boilers, paint drying, tobacco industry, textile industry, plastics industry, printing industry, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, bone glue industry, paper and carton industry, wood and wood industry, ceramic and enamel industry and other industries that need corrosive heating occasions such as no pollution to the environment, acid and alkali.  

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