On the characteristics of silicon nitride igniter

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    silicon nitride igniterThe excellent performance is aimed at the working environment of high temperature, high speed and strong corrosive medium often encountered in modern technology. However, with the development of technology, the requirements for silicon nitride igniter are getting higher and higher. The traditional silicon nitride igniter can no longer meet the needs of people, and people need safe and more convenient silicon nitride igniter. Existing silicon nitride igniters have some drawbacks in use.

It cannot be insulated. When used for a long time, the wires inside the insulating ceramic are heated and easily damaged. Secondly, when the silicon nitride ceramic heating element is stressed, the fragments cannot be fixed well, and the damage is prominent, which can easily affect the normal use of other equipment. With the existing silicon nitride igniter, the external wires are easy to bend, and the external wires are easily damaged due to external influences and cannot be replaced in time. Therefore, we recommend a safe igniter.

  silicon nitride igniterWhat are the characteristics of the? Let's analyze it together.

The copper mesh of the silicon nitride igniter is internally provided with multiple sets of copper wires, and the outer surface of the copper wires is provided with insulating rubber.

  silicon nitride igniterThere are insulating pads between the corresponding pressure plates and the electric pins, and the number of electric pins and pressure plates is two groups.

The outer surface of the silicon nitride igniter insulating ceramic is externally threaded near the front face, and the silicon nitride ceramic heating element is box-shaped.

Thesilicon nitride igniterThe inside of the external wire has a reserved groove near the connecting wire, and the inside of the insulating ceramic has a wire groove.

The outer surface of the silicon nitride igniter has external threads, and the inner and outer surfaces of the channel have internal threads.

A safety igniter includes an insulating ceramic. Here, the inner center of the insulating ceramic is a placement groove, and a silicon nitride ceramic heating element is embedded in the placement groove. The present invention is a safe silicon nitride igniter having a porous ceramic plate, copper wire mesh and electrical pins to isolate heat and prevent temperature transfer to the interior of the insulating ceramic. The temperature can be concentrated on the insulating ceramic, which affects the normal operation of the internal wires and improves safety.

      silicon nitride igniterWhen it breaks, the copper wire mesh plays a temporary connection role to avoid silicon nitride ceramics, which not only affects the normal use of other equipment, but also prevents the external wires from winding with each other during installation, affecting later use, and can easily replace the damaged External wires provide better prospects for use.