Introduction of little knowledge of cigarette machine baking igniter

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Cigarette machine baking igniter is something that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, so we don't know the role of the igniter? Today, I collected information on the Internet about the role of cigarette machine baking igniter, so, let's learn about the following little knowledge of cigarette machine baking igniter!

The cigarette machine baking igniter is a device that instantly provides enough energy to ignite pulverized coal and oil (gas) fuel to stabilize the flame. Smoke machine baking igniters have commercial stoves and civil stoves. Commercial mainly used in catering kitchen stoves ignition device system. Due to the complex environment of the diet kitchen, the choice of cigarette machine baking igniter is more stringent than the civilian. Civil mainly used in household stoves ignition device system, the use of the environment is more simple than catering stoves, multi-choice pulse ignition.

The types are roughly divided into the following three types.

Electronic pulse igniter: The pulse type has low output power, low ignition energy, and low spark temperature. For some high-ignition, optional gases and low-concentration mixed gases, the ignition rate of the burner with air supply is low during ignition. Safety accidents such as non-ignition and deflagration often occur, for a long time

Electronic high-voltage igniter: high power, high ignition energy, high spark temperature, but the ignition time is generally not more than 5 minutes. Otherwise easy to heat, burning, heavy volume, installation and transportation difficulties.

Silicon steel sheet igniter: high power, high energy, high spark temperature, ignition time about 10 minutes. Otherwise, it is hot, small in size and light in weight, but domestic products are generally poor in quality and are imported to occupy 90% of the market.

The function of the cigarette machine baking igniter is to cooperate with the sensor to determine the ignition timing of the spark plug, that is, the ignition timing. The damaged igniter is basically useless, but it is actually very simple, just a few diodes, resistors and thyristors. The igniter is not a transformer. The high voltage is generated by the ignition coil. The ignition coil is a transformer. The igniter only controls the timing of the generation of high-voltage electricity.

The working principle of the cigarette machine baking igniter is that the AC power frequency 220v is converted into DC pulsating current through boost rectification to charge the energy storage capacitor. After the capacitor is fully charged, the discharge current is transmitted to the ignition rod semiconductor chip through the discharge tube, choke coil, shielded cable, etc., forming a high-energy arc spark. After the ignition device is stopped, the remaining charge in the capacitor is discharged through the discharge resistor

The above introduction is the introduction of the little knowledge of the cigarette machine baking igniter. Regarding the cigarette machine baking igniter, I suggest you first understand the defects of the igniter. The carbon accumulated on the spark plug is always ignited, so it is difficult to clean, and the electrostatic capacity of the system is not easy to choose. Then, through all the information about the function of the igniter, I hope that there will be more choices in choosing the igniter in the future.