These consumer electronics are used on the MCH ceramic heater

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MCH is the abbreviation of cermet heating element. It uses high-temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic technology to print heating resistance slurry on the tape casting body (zirconia, alumina ceramic or zirconia toughened alumina ceramic, etc.), and then multilayer, The heating circuit is built into the ceramic material and sintered at about 1650 degrees to make it integrated. The ceramic body plays a role of protection and insulation. The metal ceramic heating element has no open flame, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, stable and uniform, and fast thermal compensation. The product does not contain lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances, and can fully meet the EU environmental requirements.

Cermet heating element and PTC semiconductor ceramics are commonly used ceramic heater materials. Compared with PTC ceramic heaters, they can save 20-30% of electric energy under the same heating effect, with high heating efficiency and more energy saving. Moreover, they can be used for a long time without power degradation. The temperature of the MCH ceramic heater rises rapidly. When the heater is energized, the surface of the heater can reach 200 degrees for 10S, 800 degrees for 30s, and 500-700 degrees for long-term use.

In the field of consumer electronics, there are a variety of functions that require heating components. Due to the many advantages of cermet heating bodies, this material is currently used in many consumer electronic products. Next, the editor collected the application of MCH ceramic heaters in the current trend of consumer electronics explosion.

1, intelligent toilet heater: compared with ordinary toilet, intelligent toilet with heating toilet cover, warm water cleaning, warm air drying, sterilization and other functions. The penetration rate of smart toilets in my country is not high, but in Japan, even the smallest toilets need to be equipped with a smart toilet. But slowly, feel the comfort of smart toilet, smart toilet has become an important option for house decoration, with smart toilet friends are more and more. In smart toilet products, the heating module is an important part, with it, the cold toilet can also become "temperature".

2, portable drinking cup: "drink more hot water" is also the essence of Chinese culture. The earth loves to drink hot water is Chinese, no one will have a problem with it. A cup of hot water can solve a thousand troubles, but you have to drink hot water to be healthy. When you are away from home, in hotels or in villages without kettles, people who like to drink hot water often feel very, very depressed.

3. Electric cooking lunch box: "healthy eating", similar to healthy drinking, has become the focus of workers, while MCH ceramic heating element can make you eat hot rice faster.

The above is just a few of the application notes, the wide variety of consumer electronics, especially the epidemic brought about by the housing economy, consumer electronics consumption is growing rapidly. If you want to tap the potential of more consumer electronics, you can learn more about it.