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Talk about the arrangement and materials of the original boat.

The original-painted boat looks like a boat with golden surface, which shows luxurious style. In addition, where the ancient architectural structure in our country is antique and tempting, the hull is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion raw materials, carrying people is simple, and the engine is the driving force, which can take 36 passengers. The advantages of the original boat depend on: the boat cabin has no blocking except the upper canopy, and the view is wide. When you swim in the lake by boat, you can enjoy the gentle breeze on the water.

The general arrangement of the original boat is like this. The main deck is an important safe passage for passengers to get on and dock. Eleven high seats, tea tables and 11 middle aisles are installed on each side of the engine room. Canoe more professional custom canoe requirements to master which kind of wood is more appropriate, is each kind of wood characteristics. The function of canoe driving is stable and the application of good practical effect. The convenience brought by simple and flexible application of canoe is inevitable for its application significance. General canoe custom application aging of fir trees, its high toughness, flexible and convenient, long service life advantages, and widely used in canoe custom. However, there are still differences in quality levels when choosing fir wood to order canoes. It also refers to canoes with different quality levels to determine their service life and determine their price orientation together. Some of the issues considered in making the canoe custom-made. Regarding which kind of wood is more suitable for robber canoes, you can choose different types of wood according to customer requirements, and the price is not the same. However, after a more professional wood manufacturer, the recommendation is appropriate, so the use of wood must be combined with the customer's requirements and a more professional recommendation plan. It is required to be customized according to the actual application requirements. For example, canoes with ornamental value are often customized with practical significance and can be customized according to the actual application requirements.

In order to save the canoe, the painted original boat must require the isolation of wood and water. In traditional handicrafts, a good way to isolate water is to expel oil. The cooked tung oil, which is extracted from cooked tung oil seeds, is called cooked tung oil, and is further refined and then called industrial white oil, also called cabbage oil. Cooked tung oil is more waterproof. Both sides of the hull, part of the water and part of the body of the ship should be wiped with cooked tung oil.

The role of the original boat in tourist attractions

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's regulations on the quality of daily life are also increasing. The development of tourism is slowly developing. With the prosperity of the tourism industry, the original boat has gradually risen.

With the continuous exquisite craftsmanship of the shipbuilding industry, the functionality of the original boat has become more and more colorful, allowing tourists to enjoy different happiness while playing, and to a certain extent, it has further promoted the original boat. Rapid development.