Technical expression of cigarette machine baking igniter

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The cigarette machine baking igniter is connected to the power supply through the ignition switch, igniter, fuel tank, carburetor, spark plug, fuel injector and combustion chamber. The cigarette machine baking igniter and spark plug are electrically connected to the gas pipe of the fuel tank and the carburetor. A one-way valve is arranged in the fuel tank connected to the main gas pipe and the bronchus. The fuel supply pipeline company is equipped with a fuel supply valve, and the carburetor is connected to the combustion chamber structure, the spark plug and the fuel injector are arranged on the connecting pipe between the carburetor and the combustion chamber.

The present invention uses an air pump to pressurize the fuel tank and provide air for ignition. The positive pressure of the fuel is stable, the mixed fuel is accurately matched with the spark plug, the ignition success rate is high, and the ignition operation is convenient and quick; learn about the cigarette machine baking igniter technology to realize it.

The cigarette machine baking igniter is widely used in the prevention and control of agricultural diseases and insect pests in China. The liquid medicine can be fully atomized, the particle size of the liquid medicine mist is small, the liquid medicine mist fills its work development area for a long time, and the insecticidal and bactericidal effect is good. At present, the portable pulse smoke machine is widely used in the market, which usually consists of a pulse injection engine and a feed system. The pulse injection engine is composed of combustion chamber, nozzle, starting system, fuel supply system and ignition system. The drug delivery system consists of a drug box, a drug switch, a drug delivery port and a pipeline.

However, due to the backward baking igniter of Chinese traditional cultural machines, the nozzle sprays oil mist, the oil mist is mixed with air, the ignition ratio of the igniter is inaccurate, the amount of oil mist entering is difficult to be effectively controlled, and the ignition success rate is low. General enterprises need to have certain experience and luck through operation management personnel to obtain successful ignition, and the smoking machine can generally adopt a negative pressure oil suction chamber, so the oil suction pressure is difficult to be controlled, and the smoking machine needs to be completely extinguished, reignite; In addition, in the previous blower, the operation management personnel need to separate the igniter and the oil circuit. The igniter circuit design switch and the oil circuit valve switch are not at the same level, and the ignition system operation capability is more complicated.

1. The invention of the cigarette machine baking igniter solves the technical problems that need to be solved

The cigarette machine baking igniter overcomes the existing faults of ignition, complicated ignition operation, low ignition success rate of the blower, and easy misfire of the ignition fuel due to negative pressure. According to the application technology of the present invention, the use of an air pump can provide an ignition to the fuel tank Time pressure and provide ambient air, the positive pressure of the fuel develops steadily and mixes with the spark plug and air, the mixed fuel matches the precise information of the spark plug, and the spray fan ignition signal system with a high ignition success rate; the ignition switch is integrated with the oil valve, and the ignition operation is simple and convenient; in addition, after the ignition is successful, the vibrating diaphragm generates a socially stable pressure in the carburetor. On the one hand, it provides sufficient combustion chamber air for the fuel quality, and on the other hand, it provides the fuel tank. The more stable positive pressure enables stable fuel economy injection and realizes uninterrupted and stable management of the hood.

2. Technical solution of cigarette machine baking igniter

The cigarette machine baking igniter includes a power supply, an ignition switch, an ignition device, a fuel tank and carburetor, a spark plug, a nozzle and a combustion chamber, and an air pump. The igniter and the air pump are connected to the fuel tank and the carburetor through the ignition switch through the air pipe. The branch connecting the air pipe and the main fuel tank is respectively provided with a one-way valve. The fuel tank is connected to the fuel injector through a fuel supply pipe, and the fuel supply pipe is provided with a fuel supply valve. And the carburetor is located in the combustion chamber.