The principle of over-current protection of power capacitor for cigarette machine baking igniter fitness exercise

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No matter how many gas stoves there are, there must be igniters, otherwise it is unlikely to work normally. There are two ignition methods, one is electronic pulse ignition, and the other is piezoelectric ceramic ignition. Take you to master the relevant knowledge of cigarette machine baking igniter.

Cigarette machine baking igniter

The principle of over-current protection of power capacitor for cigarette machine baking igniter fitness exercise is to touch and discharge the zero line of voltage live wire and ground wire in an instant, causing small flames to ignite the gas stove. This method is safe and convenient, excellent application.

But for safety, it is good to have a switch in the middle of the zero line of the live wire and the capacitor. In addition, connect the iron frame of the gas stove to the ground with the power transmission line, and pay attention to ensure good touch.

Turn on the main switch of the power supply, then turn on the gate valve of the liquefied petroleum gas, and slide the bamboo pen body twice on the fire spitting place of the stove. The spark discharge will quickly ignite the liquefied petroleum gas. Turn off the power after use and hang the bamboo pen body on the wall.

Cigarette machine baking igniter which is good

The gas stove has a single structure, and an igniter is required to ignite the natural gas introduced from the connecting hose. Which kind of cigarette machine baking igniter is good? We might as well continue to look down:

1. Continuous single pulse igniter

The igniter is mainly used to transform and equip gas stoves that did not have a fully automatic ignition device. It can be easily installed in two-eye gas stoves already in operation or on the market. The installation and operation method is to install the igniter on the lower side of the front switch panel of the gas stove, stabilize it with screws, and then install the two discharge temper pins on the periphery of the right burner respectively, so that the top of their heads respectively point to a fire hole in the burner with a spacing of 3-5mm.

2. Flashlight type single pulse igniter

The igniter is made of non-toxic plastic, hose guide, and spring. The ignition success rate is high and the ignition speed is faster. Generally, the burner can be ignited by pressing the button for 2-3 seconds, and it is of high quality and low price. Novelty and reliable. In general, it does not need to be installed in the gas stove, so it is convenient to use and suitable for ignition of household gas stoves.

3. Indirect igniter of piezoelectric ceramic sheet

Its ignition method is to use piezoelectric ceramic spark discharge to ignite the fire tube, and then replace this fire to ignite the key burner, so it is turned into an indirect igniter. Because this kind of igniter completes the linkage of natural gas and ignition power switch, it is convenient to use and reliable, which not only contributes to environmental protection and energy saving, but also reduces the user's operation process.

After inspection, it is because the shell is wet and cold, and the discharge high-voltage cable in the shell has discharged in the wet and cold part of the shell before the high pressure is transmitted to the front of the igniter, thus causing the stove to be unable to ignite normally. For this matter, the shell should be cleaned first and the moisture should be driven. In addition, the insulating layer between wires can be improved by adding an insulating sleeve for high-voltage wires (the insulating sleeve can use waste ballpoint pen core tube), which can effectively prevent the recurrence of common faults.