The water heater industry wants to become stronger and bigger and must eliminate three hidden worries.

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After more than 10 years of development, China's solar water heater industry has matured. Data show that the sales volume of solar water heaters has reached 12 million square meters in 2007, with an industry output value of more than 13 billion yuan, and is developing rapidly at a rate of 20% to 30% per year. However, the low efficiency of sales channels, the crisis of market cultivation and the extreme shortage of professionals make the overall situation of China's solar energy industry not optimistic. If China's solar water heater industry wants to do well and become stronger and bigger, it must strive to eliminate the above three hidden worries.
  Inefficient marketing channels.
At present, the domestic sales channels of solar water heaters mainly include the following: dealer agents, factory direct sales, stationed in building materials stores and home appliance stores, construction projects, etc. The above-mentioned channel model has made great contributions to the rapid development of the solar water heater industry while helping solar water heater companies achieve their sales targets. However, from the perspective of the rapid development of the whole solar water heater industry, the efficiency and function of the above channel mode have many unsatisfactory places.
First of all, the sales channel of the dealer agent is not efficient, and it is easy to be out of touch due to human reasons. In addition to holding various forms of investment promotion meetings, many production enterprises mainly adopt the method of "sweeping the streets" for the development of the sales channel of dealer agency, that is, sending salesmen to the areas under their jurisdiction to establish agency sales channels through house-to-house visits to target stores. A considerable part of the agents and distributors found in this way are self-employed by selling plumbing equipment, hardware and building materials or kitchen and sanitary ware locally. Because these agents and distributors often lack a systematic management concept in the process of selling the products of the manufacturers, coupled with their one-sided pursuit of short-term profits, their sales behavior in many cases has led to the low efficiency of the sales channels of solar water heater manufacturers. This situation is particularly prominent in the secondary and tertiary markets. In addition, due to the strong randomness of this "street sweeping" investment promotion method, the psychology of salesmen eager to complete market development tasks is easy to allow some highly speculative agents and distributors to enter the channel.
       These agents and dealers in the profit reduction or poor management, they will try to withdraw, so that the manufacturers of sales channels blocked, and even make manufacturers in some markets sales channels appear broken phenomenon. The low efficiency of this channel model is also related to the after-sales service of solar water heater companies: At present, in solar energy companies, the phenomenon of "actively establishing channels and passively maintaining channels" is not uncommon. Many dealers in the play, pick up goods, after the establishment of the store due to the lack of follow-up support from the manufacturer, plus the promotion method and terminal planning is not very reasonable, the product is overstocked in the channel phenomenon occurs repeatedly, so that the sales channel is blocked!!