What is the cigarette machine baking igniter like? What should I do if I don't catch fire?

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What is the cigarette machine baking igniter like? What should I do if I don't catch fire?

What are the steps to run the cigarette machine baking igniter?

1. Run the cigarette machine baking igniter to check whether there is any problem with the operation of the centrifugal fan and whether it can reach the required pressure. Open 1/6 of the disc valve in front of the full-automatic toaster burner up and down to make the gas regulator have a breeze.

2. Manual ignition, the introduction of open flame; If you use automatic ignition equipment, first turn on the switch power of the cigarette machine baking igniter, turn on the power switch of the igniter, and then run the natural gas valve, that is, ignite the natural gas.

3. After the ignition is completed, the electric air valve and gas valve should be opened slowly until the natural gas is ignited normally.

4. If the ignition is unsuccessful, the gas valve should be closed immediately, the combustion electric air valve should be opened, and the unburned gas in the furnace should be discharged. Otherwise, do not reignite to prevent an explosion.

5. After finding out the reason, repeat the above process many times until the flame is stable, then you can feel that the ignition is successful.

6. When igniting, the flame is ejected from the ignition hole, and the face cannot be close to the ignition hole.

7. After the ignition is completed, you can close the ignition hole and gradually warm up normally. After the cigarette machine baking igniter ignites and adjusts the flame, start the trolley or electric scoop to bake.

It can be said that the baking igniter is a common kitchen appliance. Compared with rice cookers, baking igniters are not only convenient and fast, but also do not require heating. Compared with the firewood stove, convenient and quick advantage is more obvious, not only safe, but also do not have to pick up wood everywhere to cut wood, smoke machine baking igniter because of convenience and safety, very popular in society, then smoke machine baking igniter has not been lit fire how to do.

The torsion spring is destroyed, loses its elasticity and weakens its elasticity. This will make the power switch of the baking igniter unable to return to its original position after turning on, and will make the igniter of the gas stove light up all the time. This is also a common situation with gas stoves and is easy to overcome. In this case, only the torsion spring of the igniter needs to be replaced. For torsion springs, you can easily buy them at hardware stores.

It is also possible that the cigarette baking igniter has been burning and the high-voltage electronic device is broken. Compared with the damage of the front torsion spring, this is a more complicated and more insoluble problem. Simply put, the reason why the high-voltage electronic device is destroyed and the flue-cured tobacco igniter has been on fire is that a complete circuit circuit cannot be generated, resulting in the ignition of the baking. This kind of situation itself is generally difficult to solve, it is recommended to find professional staff.

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