How to choose the right silicon nitride sheet

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Silicon nitride sheet is a kind of high-performance amorphous semiconductor material, which has the advantages of low loss, high reliability and high electromagnetic wave resistance, so it is widely used in microwave materials, electronic materials, broadband applications and other fields. However, due to the special nature of silicon nitride sheet, people should pay attention when buying and using.

1, physical

The physical properties of the silicon nitride sheet are an important consideration, including material structure, tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, etc. The appropriate physical properties are selected according to their own application requirements.

2. Electricity

The electrical properties of the silicon nitride sheet are also an important consideration, including insulation resistance, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, capacitance, etc. Since the electrical properties of silicon nitride plates directly affect their electronic properties in applications, the electrical properties of silicon nitride plates should also be noted when selecting silicon nitride plates.

3. Shape

The shape setting performance of the silicon nitride plate refers to its deformation after processing, and its shape setting performance needs to be considered to ensure that it can meet the requirements after processing.

4. Chemistry

The chemical properties of silicon nitride sheets refer to their durability in certain special environments. If the silicon nitride sheet will be used in a special environment, the sheet has good chemical properties to ensure its service life.

5, the price

The price should also be considered, because there are differences in the price of different plates, and the purchase should be determined according to their own needs and budget. To consider its physical properties, electrical properties, shaping properties, chemical properties and price, etc., to ensure that it can meet their own needs. Silicon nitride plate is a new type of plate made of silicon element and nitrogen element. It has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and low thermal diffusion coefficient. Therefore, silicon nitride sheet has been widely used in engineering, and its role is also multifaceted.

1. Heat resistance

Heat resistance is relatively strong, it can withstand high temperature environment, and can play the best performance in high temperature environment. Compared with the general plastic sheet, the heat resistance of silicon nitride sheet is much higher, so in the metallurgical industry, oil refining and other high temperature environment.

2. Corrosion resistance

It also has good corrosion resistance, it can resist corrosive media, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, etc. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of silicon nitride sheet can also be improved by surface treatment technology, so that it can resist more corrosive media, so as to better protect.

3. High strength

With good hardness and high strength, it can resist the action of external force, so as to protect the outside of the machine. The silicon nitride plate also has high thermal uniformity and reduces the temperature difference between the equipment.

4. Low thermal diffusion coefficient

The thermal diffusion coefficient is very low, reducing heat emissions, thereby saving energy. Moreover, the thermal stability of the silicon nitride sheet is also very good, buffering heat energy, thereby protecting the machine.