The main effects of silicon nitride sheet include:

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The main effects of silicon nitride sheet include:

The main effects of silicon nitride sheet include:

1. Good thermal conductivity

Silicon nitride has a very high thermal conductivity and is a good thermal conductive material.

2. High mechanical strength

Silicon nitride has excellent mechanical strength and hardness, and is suitable for applications requiring high rigidity.

3. High temperature resistance

Silicon nitride can withstand high temperatures in excess of 1000°C for use in high temperature environments.

4. Corrosion resistance

Silicon nitride is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and can be used in corrosive environments.

5. Good electrical insulation performance

Silicon nitride is a good electrical insulator and can be used for electrical insulation.

6. Heat conductive substrate

It can be made into a thermally conductive substrate for heat dissipation of heat sinks or electronic devices.

7. Tool Materials

Can produce high hardness cutting tools, used in precision cutting.

8. Structural Materials

Used as a structural material or protective layer for high temperature devices.

9. Optical Elements

Can be made into optical windows, prisms and other optical elements.

10. Electronic components

Used to make some high-frequency, high-power electronic components.

In summary, silicon nitride sheet has thermal conductivity, mechanics, high temperature and other properties, and is widely used in industry.