What is a special heating sheet for instant faucet water heater

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What is a special heating sheet for instant faucet water heater

The special heating sheet for the instant faucet water heater is a heating device used in the instant faucet.

Its main features and functions include:

1. The material is copper or stainless steel sheet, bending or making tubular structure.

2. The heating piece has a built-in electric heating wire, which heats up quickly after power on to realize instantaneous heating of water flow.

3. It has the characteristics of large area and good thermal conductivity, and can quickly transfer heat to the water flow.

4. Surface coating treatment to form a thermal insulation layer to avoid surface overheating damage.

5. Heat quickly, much faster than ordinary heating wire, to achieve instant output.

6. The size and power match the faucet flow to ensure stable hot water output.

7. closely match with the internal flow of the faucet, so that the water flow completely covers the heating surface.

8. Easy installation, long life and convenient maintenance.

9. It is the core heating element of the hot faucet system.

In summary, the heating plate is specially designed for instant faucets, so that it can achieve the purpose of rapid heating and efficient heat transfer, and is a key component of the instant hot water supply system.