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DK22 Series

Mainly used in various specifications of tobacco equipment, tobacco special cutting knife

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Photovoltaic welding

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DK22 Series Products

Dry point heating type silicon nitride electric heating element


Electrical performance parameters:


Rated voltage: 55V ~ 250V;

Frequency: 50/60Hz;

Rated power: 250W ~ 700W;



Properties and characteristics of hot-pressed silicon nitride ceramic electric heating elements


This product uses high-performance silicon nitride ceramic as the matrix, high temperature mechanical strength, strong thermal shock resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, not only has excellent insulation performance, but also has good thermal conductivity, coupled with the company's proprietary formula and hot pressing manufacturing technology, so that this product has the following excellent performance and characteristics:


Insulation and electrical strength: 2500V, 50Hz at room temperature, no breakdown in 1 minute;

High temperature resistance, dry point up to 1200 ℃

· High surface load, dry point heating load up to 25 w/cm2

· Small size

· Small thermal inertia, fast heating speed.

· Long life

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

· Small thermal inertia, fast heating speed, long life and other advantages;



* Dry point heating type silicon nitride ceramic electric heating element applicable medium:





Technical indicators:


room temperature flexural strength

≥ 900Mpa

room temperature fracture toughness

6.0-8.0 Mpam1/2

Bulk density


Room temperature volume resistivity


relative permittivity at room temperature


Thermal conductivity


coefficient of thermal surge

3.1 × 10-6/℃





Mechanical properties:


Hardness (HRA)

Fracture toughness (Mpa.m1/2)

Bending strength (Mpa)



≥ 900



Dry point heating type silicon nitride ceramic electric heating element application range


· Mold heater

· Packaging machinery

• Tobacco equipment

· Heating of industrial equipment

· Heating of industrial equipment

· Petrochemical industry



Precautions for use:


Sudden cooling and heat are strictly prohibited in the working environment, and water or other liquids are strictly prohibited from splashing on the surface of the heating body under high temperature conditions.

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